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An AI assistant designed for product managers

Accelerate daily product operations with the power of AI

Craft Context-Rich Conversations

Say goodbye to generic responses. With Baron’s profile builder you can design an AI product manager that has all the context to bring you hyper relevant responses.

Seamlessly Integrated.

Experience hassle-free accessibility with Baron’s native desktop integration. No need to switch screens or tabs – Baron is always at your fingertips, ready to supercharge your productivity. Just press option+spacebar, and go!

Context Aware, Effortlessly.

No more copy and paste. With Baron you can extract context by simply highlighting the text on your screen. Whether it’s a document, webpage, or any text snippet, Baron seamlessly absorbs the relevant information, and responds with high-quality answers.

Precision Prompts, Every Time.

Eliminate guesswork and expedite your workflow. Baron’s built-in prompt engine lets you create, save, and reuse prompts for recurring tasks, like drafting PRDs. Simplify your efforts, save time, and supercharge productivity. Experience a smarter way to work with Baron AI.

Revolutionize Your Routine

Discover how product managers are saving 9+ hours a week with Baron.

Create PRDs Faster.

Transform the traditionally time-consuming PRD development into an instant process. With Baron’s customizable, intelligent prompt engine, creating comprehensive and accurate PRDs becomes a breeze. Revolutionize your workflow, spend less time drafting and more time innovating with Baron.

Step into Your User’s Shoes

Understand your user like never before. Through captivating, empathy-driven dialogues with Baron’s AI acting as your target user, gain unique insights into their needs and experiences. Use these valuable interactions to design products that truly speak to them. With Baron, crafting user-centric product experiences has never been easier.

Raw Data to Decisions

Tackle the data deluge like a pro! With Baron’s powerful AI, sift through volumes of data, synthesizing and prioritizing it to derive valuable, actionable insights. Direct your focus towards strategic thinking rather than managing information overload. With Baron, make data your ally in forging successful product roadmaps.

Ace the Competitive Landscape

Stay steps ahead in the competitive game! With Baron’s advanced AI at your disposal, analyze market trends and competitor products with ease and swiftness. Cut through the noise, understand where you stand, and formulate strategies that help you lead. With Baron, let competitive analysis fuel your product’s edge.

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