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Duplicate Yourself

Even assistants need assistance. Bid farewell to generic responses. With Baron’s profile builder, you can create an AI assistant that has all the context it needs to duplicate you. Define your audience, tone, and expertise to get hyper-relevant responses you can actually use.

Integrated, Natively

Accessing Baron has never been easier with our native desktop integration. No more switching screens or tabs. Baron is always at your fingertips, empowering you to supercharge your productivity. Simply press option+spacebar, and seize control of your tasks.

Effortlessly Aware

Draft email replies, create agendas, develop project plans, and much more, in seconds flat. With Baron’s highlight-for-context feature, you can say goodbye to copy-and-paste hassles, and streamline your workflow for context-rich, maximum productivity.

Precision Prompts, Every Time.

Eliminate guesswork and expedite your workflow with Baron’s prompt engine. Create, save, and reuse prompts for repetitive administrative tasks. Streamline your efforts, save time, and achieve maximum efficiency. Experience the smart way to work with Baron AI.

Multiply Yourself

Discover how administrative assistants are 10x-ing their output with Baron.

Streamline Meeting Prep

Prepare for meetings with utmost efficiency. With Baron, you can effortlessly create a meeting pre-read to get attendees up to speed. Gather relevant information, summarize key points, and provide necessary context. Streamline your meeting preparation process and ensure everyone is well-informed, ready to contribute, and make the most of every meeting.

Craft Perfect Agendas

Take control of meeting agendas and ensure successful outcomes. Baron helps you pull together comprehensive agendas that cover all necessary topics, allocate time effectively, and set clear objectives. Craft agendas that keep meetings on track, increase productivity, and drive meaningful discussions. With Baron, meetings will be focused, productive, and achieve desired outcomes.

Design Project Plans

Drive project execution with precision. Baron empowers you to develop detailed project plans that provide value at each stage. Create timelines, allocate tasks, and outline milestones effortlessly. With Baron, you can stay on top of project progress, manage resources effectively, and deliver successful outcomes. Maximize productivity and streamline project management with Baron AI.

Deliver Daily Digests

With Baron, you can effortlessly summarize important information into daily digests. Gather key updates, summaries, and highlights from various sources, and present them in a clear and concise manner. Whether it’s industry news, market trends, or internal updates, Baron helps you distill the most relevant information for your audience. Deliver impactful daily digests that keep everyone informed and save valuable time for your recipients.

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